Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Any more?

"Do you all plan on having more children?" I am asked this question ALL THE TIME. I'm pretty used to it, although it is a bit invading. The other day, I was even asked this by our five year old son.

We were having dinner and he looked up and said "When we grow up will you and Da-Da have more kids?". I choked and hubby almost spit out his food.

Before I could answer my mind wandered to earlier that day when I was grocery shopping with the gruesome twosome. Suddenly all these Momme moments came flashing before my eyes, some of them good, some of them GREAT and some just messy. It's those 'Messy Mommy Moments' that make us when Baby Girl dumped out a bag of popcorn in the middle of aisle four; or when our two year old wiggled his way out of the belt and stood in the basket yelling "HEEELLLLPPPPP" as I'm trying to put a case of water on the bottom. Why are you yelling help when you shouldn't even be standing???

Then I fast forward to just an hour before when I was trying to juggle one kid crying over multiplying fractions another kid pushing a book in my face asking "what word is this?" all the while I'm sweeping up flour that the toddler dumped out of the pantry. Top that off with Baby Girl singing "CINDERELLA, the dishes and the mopping, they always keep her hopping..."(its one of her favorites but those are the only words I know). 

I'm back. "No son, we won't need any more children, even though you all will be all grown'll still be ours". Boy do we day dream of those days...