Monday, August 11, 2014

30 day Green Smoothie challenge complete!

So I've completed the thirty day Green Smoothie challenge!! I'm proud to say that I didn't miss one day. Well technically one smoothie was made and consumed after midnight but I still had at least one smoothie every twenty four hours for thirty(32 technically) days. Yay! I feel great! 

I think we all do! Here's a look back at some of our favorites!

This was Spinach, Pineapple and Coconut water.

Blueberry, Cherry & Strawberry. Another favorite, sometimes I'd add Almond milk and ground flax seed as well.

Of course you just can't go wrong with Blueberry Banana. Yumm!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Getting Back2School Ready with Cricut

This will be my first year teaching fourth grade and I'm a little nervous. I've started my classroom prep and decided that we'd have a word wall that also includes the ASL alphabet. My Cricut Expression2 machine allowed me to cut these letters with minimal frustration.

I like that I can connect my Cricut to my computer and access all the same great images available on cartridges. Once you get used to operating the Design Suite it's actually easier than using the Cricut alone. 

Cricut has a brand new machine out now, the Cricut Explore. If you're interested there's a link to the right. Meanwhile, check out there awesome machines, tools and crafting technology with the link below.


Where To for a Large Family

With summer travel in full swing I've been getting a lot of questions about "where to stay?" Especially where to stay for larger families. We are a family of seven and most hotels cannot accommodate our family size without asking "if we want two adjoining rooms???". No! With five children under the age of twelve we never want to pile all the kids in a room alone and ummmm, it's not a vacation if my husband and I can't share a room(we'd might as well be at home) lol!

Our go to place when traveling(outside of Disney that is) is Marriott's Residence Inn. Residence Inn offers one and two bedroom 'residences' equipt with all the amenities families need. Kitchens with apartment sized stove, refrigerator and dish washers; of course microwave, iron and great television channel selections. Most importantly they offer excellent breakfast buffets and awesome pools. Here are some photos of our most recent stay.