Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Impossible Word

AC has decided that she nor her sisters can say any words related to 'bowel movements'. She is "allergic" to them she says. So whenever the baby needs diaper attention...she says "Momme Baby Girl did the 'immpossible word'".

Now this might not be worth blogging about if our son hadn't just taught her a new knock knock joke. "Knock-Knock", "who's there?", "Boo-Boo", "WHO?", "Boo-Boo".

Yes this is the joke. The joke that my one year old LITTLE GIRL will not stop saying....and her brother thinks it is hilarious.

But wait let's not forget that AC and Ya our two oldest daughters are still allergic to all words related to 'b.m.'s' while baby is knock knock, boo-boo' is cracking up laughing and they are running and screaming.

...and I have an attitude

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pepper Steak and Rice

One of hubby's favorite dishes is 'pepper steak and rice'. I love to make this dish because it reminds me of when my momma used to make it for Pop and me.
To start I slice and saute red, orange, yellow and sometimes a few green(unrippened reds) bell peppers with white onion in olive oil.
I used to use strips of steak from Pete's Fresh Produce but now I use sandwich sliced steaks. Some times I will still slice them into strips or ask my meat guy to do it...most times he doesn't.
I make my gravy homemade from the seasoning drippings of the steaks with flour, butter and milk/water. Sometimes I add couple spoons of pancake mix to sweeten the gravy(when I don't use milk)or depending on how I feel.
A little rice, a few biscuts...bam! you got man lovin'



...the story goes...

The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life. One man, a CEO, decided to explain the problem with education. He argued, "What's a kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in life was to become a teacher?" He reminded the other dinner guests what they say about teachers: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. "To stress his point he said to another guest; "You're a teacher, Bonnie. Be honest. What do you make?"
Bonnie, who had a reputation for honesty and frankness replied, "You want to know what I make?"

(She paused for a second, and then began...) "Well, I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could. I make a C+ feel like the Congressional Medal of Honor. I make kids sit through 40 minutes of classtime when their parents can't make them sit for 5 without an IPod, Game Cube or movie rental."
"You want to know what I make ?" (She paused again and looked at each and every person at the table.) ''I make kids wonder. I make them question. I make them apologize and mean it. I make them have respect and take responsibility for their actions. I teach them to write and then I make them write."
"Keyboarding isn't everything. I make them read, read, read. I make them show all their work in math. They use their God given brain, not the man-made calculator."
"I make my students from other countries learn everything they need to know in English while preserving their unique cultural identity. I make my classroom a place where all my students feel safe. I make my students stand, placing their hand over their heart to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, One Nation Under God, because we live in the United States of America.
"Finally, I make them understand that if they use the gifts they were given, work hard, and follow their hearts, they can succeed in life."(Bonnie paused one last time and then continued.)
"Then, when people try to judge me by what I make, with me knowing money isn't everything, I can hold my head up high and pay no attention because they are ignorant.. You want to know what I make? I MAKE A DIFFERENCE" "What do you make Mr. CEO?" His jaw dropped and he went silent.

I thought I would share this from one of my online professors, I read this often when people ask me why I am going through so much trouble "just to be a teacher". Have a good day!

should have been bath(finished) here are the final pictures, finished almost a year ago...I ended up using the floating fish from Uppercase Living. The towels and shower curtains, soapdishes

and rugs are from Target.
the art is from put the girls potty picture on the front facing view from the toilet and this is what pac-man see's as he uses the potty.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hair Everywhere.

SO with three daughters and my own hair journey as you can imagine life gets pretty hairy. It is a job keeping up with thier hair, especially because I chose to keep their hair natural until further notice. I love the natural texture of their hair. I do straighten their hair on the regular basis(every two weeks) just not chemically.

So with that being said I am on a quadriple hair journey....the search for the perfect balance of beauty and healthy hair.