Thursday, February 27, 2014

Back in Business

Uppercase Living is a vinyl expression company that produces high quality inspirational, humorous, whimsical, and thoughtful expressions. UL also gives their customers the opportunity to create their own expressions using the MyDesign Suite tool.
I've been an Uppercase Living demonstrator in the past but once we relocated I let it go for awhile. Now, I'm back and I'm SO excited about what they have going on now...please visit my page at to check it out.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Any more?

"Do you all plan on having more children?" I am asked this question ALL THE TIME. I'm pretty used to it, although it is a bit invading. The other day, I was even asked this by our five year old son.

We were having dinner and he looked up and said "When we grow up will you and Da-Da have more kids?". I choked and hubby almost spit out his food.

Before I could answer my mind wandered to earlier that day when I was grocery shopping with the gruesome twosome. Suddenly all these Momme moments came flashing before my eyes, some of them good, some of them GREAT and some just messy. It's those 'Messy Mommy Moments' that make us when Baby Girl dumped out a bag of popcorn in the middle of aisle four; or when our two year old wiggled his way out of the belt and stood in the basket yelling "HEEELLLLPPPPP" as I'm trying to put a case of water on the bottom. Why are you yelling help when you shouldn't even be standing???

Then I fast forward to just an hour before when I was trying to juggle one kid crying over multiplying fractions another kid pushing a book in my face asking "what word is this?" all the while I'm sweeping up flour that the toddler dumped out of the pantry. Top that off with Baby Girl singing "CINDERELLA, the dishes and the mopping, they always keep her hopping..."(its one of her favorites but those are the only words I know). 

I'm back. "No son, we won't need any more children, even though you all will be all grown'll still be ours". Boy do we day dream of those days...


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentines Day prep

The kids and I have been getting ready for Valentine's Day. Which is not only a big deal in our family but is also a pretty big deal at school. Every year we make Valentines for their classmates and teachers and a Valentine box for them to collect their love notes and tokens in. We used boxes of various sizes, construction paper, card stock, the Cricut Expressions2 machine, various knick knack pieces and a hot glue gun to create the Valentines boxes.

Our Kindergardener wanted a Monster box.

Our second grader wanted a puppy box. 

Here's her "Val-mation".

And our fourth grader wanted an Owl Valentine box. 

She even came up with some cute owl themed sayings for her Valentines, like "You're Owl-some" and "Owl be your Valentine". 

Now if I could shake this flu enough to finish them and the thousand other things on my to-do-list. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What's up Wednesday

I thought I'd bring the blog up to speed with what's been up with our family the last few weeks.

First, it's cold! Very cold. When it hasn't been cold, it's been snowing. This hasn't been a bunch of light snowing either, it's been snow-nado, blizzard conditions...snowing! This has been a winter for the weather record books because our temperatures in the MidWest have gone so low(40 below) that they have cancelled school several times; even some churches have cancelled Sunday services. 

Next, I've been working weekends which has been awesome since the kids are on hiatus from sports and activities during the winter. Now that their seasons are approaching it's going to take some serious juggling. I like to work, hence the fab five; and hubby likes the extra money. 

Of course these two situations (the subzero snow days and me working weekends) has lead to what I've coined as 'FamilyFratHouse'. Simply put, our place is a bit of a mess. To top it off BabyGirls "nose is melting" and when she catches a  cold she loves to cling to Momme. So today I'll be cleaning and rearranging and organizing in hopes that Spring will soon be upon us. Thanks for reading, take care.