Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Good Buy

I want to start sharing things that I think are "good buys". The first item I 'd like to share as a "good buy" is this bean bag toss game I picked up at Bed Bath and Beyond. 

This game came in its own carrying case with two sets of bean bags (4 blue/ 4red) and two wooden goal nets to toss the bags into.

This set was 39.99 and of course I had 20% off coupon (Sign up for postal mailings, email and/or text alerts). 

The kids helped me break the game in this weekend , although I think Coby thought it was a bean bag drop.
He loves shouting " hooray! for himself.

Bed Bath and Beyond has become one of my "must shop stops". I look forward to their mailings and can pretty much always find a few things that we must have. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Easter's coming

If you follow me on Twitter @Momme2Five you may have seen me post about these awesome felt Easter baskets I found at Aldi. If you know me personally you know I love to shop and I always try to shop around for the best quality item for our dollar. I've seen other baskets as high as 7 dollars each, which I guess is an alright price for someone with less children or a longer Easter basket budget. Honestly these baskets were the best quality I'd seen and they were only a dollar eighty nine. I couldn't MAKE these baskets for a buck 89. 

It's been a tradition for me since I've had children to make their Easter baskets; the way my Granma made ours for years and years. I think I was still getting a homemade Easter basket from her well into my college years. So the tradition lives on. It's fun! It's healthier than those store bought ones packed with dyed candies and sugar coated high fructose corn syrup.'s just what I do. So what are some of your Easter traditions? Please share in the comments section. Thank you...

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Hi all.

My apologies for not blogging in all this time...I think its been about five weeks.
Well, so much has happened and there's still so much to share, so I'll jump right in.
The kids were on Spring Break last month and we opted for a "stay-cation" instead of our planned trip to Bloomington. Unfortunately we had a death in the family the week prior to Spring break and we weren't really in the mood for TOO much fun. Thankfully hubby and I were able to take some days from work to spend with the kiddos while they were on break and all in all it was quite nice.
We mostly stayed in the neighborhood, visiting the parks and library for the first time in a long while. We also managed to visit a few local restaurants, we went to see the 'Muppets Most Wanted' movie and most importantly we had some "Family" time.

Since then...the kids and I have been super busy and thankfully Spring has arrived! It was quite a long winter. This is the time of year when our kids get back involved with sports and other extra curricular activities. We kind of hibernate in winter. Anyhow, I'll be blogging about these sports adventures soon enough. In addition to all this...we have all had our beginning of the year health appointments and hubby and I have been trying to get a little more fit. Well, we were or we are...the point is we are still working on it...(that's another post).

I see I have my blogging work cut out for me, so while I get to typing...please check out my latest (*clears throat* "second") YOUTUBE video...

Sing Into Spring

You all Know our family are BIG Disney fans. We love Disney Movies, Music and most of all Disney Parks. The Disney Sing into Spring contest combines all three. Enter to win Disney Park tickets for four by submiting a thirty second video of you or your family member singing a song from your favorite Disney movie.
Submit your entry on One2One Networks Facebook
You can find a list of songs here.
How easy is that?
I'm off to get out entries ready...I promise I'll post or link them on the blog.
By the way Instagram users can submit a video via Instagram if it's tagged #DisneySingIntoSpring