Wednesday, December 24, 2014

"...Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"

The Jackson 5's " I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" sparked a "Santa Myth Debunked" conversation on our car ride home the other night. With the two youngest asleep and the radio playing all my favorite holiday songs I was sort of a deer in headlights to the whole ordeal. It started with our 7 year old son shouting "What?!" in response to Michaels lyrics. Quickly followed by an "I know right..." from our 9 going on 19 year old daughter. While navigating through the conversation and traffic I overhear "just gross" and then nonchalant as always, A.C. our oldest, chimes in, "Are you going to tell them, or should I?".

Shocked and slightly amused I give her the go ahead. I mean, what better way than through song...and a classic at that. A.C. breaks it down and ends with ", your parents are your Santa Claus". Nicely done A.C.
Not to be one upped, of course the nine year old "kinda knew that already". Here she comes with a plethora of questions. I brake. Uggh, stop and go traffic and it's only snow flurries...get it together people.

 Before she gets her first few past her lips my sweet 7 year old son almost with tears in his voice says so loudly, "OR, maybe the Dad is one of Santas Helpers, he has lots of helpers you know". We all pause. A knowing pause. It's too soon, he still wants to believe and we let him. I agree with him and shift the conversation to "the Spirit of Christmas". Afterall, Santa Claus can be your parents, relatives, a lover, a stranger or a blessing from The Most High. Last year they each became SecretSantas (click to read about it) to one another and those are the types of memories and lessons I pray they hold fast to through the years