Monday, June 27, 2011

Pepper Steak and Rice

One of hubby's favorite dishes is 'pepper steak and rice'. I love to make this dish because it reminds me of when my momma used to make it for Pop and me.
To start I slice and saute red, orange, yellow and sometimes a few green(unrippened reds) bell peppers with white onion in olive oil.
I used to use strips of steak from Pete's Fresh Produce but now I use sandwich sliced steaks. Some times I will still slice them into strips or ask my meat guy to do it...most times he doesn't.
I make my gravy homemade from the seasoning drippings of the steaks with flour, butter and milk/water. Sometimes I add couple spoons of pancake mix to sweeten the gravy(when I don't use milk)or depending on how I feel.
A little rice, a few biscuts...bam! you got man lovin'