Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What's up Wednesday

I thought I'd bring the blog up to speed with what's been up with our family the last few weeks.

First, it's cold! Very cold. When it hasn't been cold, it's been snowing. This hasn't been a bunch of light snowing either, it's been snow-nado, blizzard conditions...snowing! This has been a winter for the weather record books because our temperatures in the MidWest have gone so low(40 below) that they have cancelled school several times; even some churches have cancelled Sunday services. 

Next, I've been working weekends which has been awesome since the kids are on hiatus from sports and activities during the winter. Now that their seasons are approaching it's going to take some serious juggling. I like to work, hence the fab five; and hubby likes the extra money. 

Of course these two situations (the subzero snow days and me working weekends) has lead to what I've coined as 'FamilyFratHouse'. Simply put, our place is a bit of a mess. To top it off BabyGirls "nose is melting" and when she catches a  cold she loves to cling to Momme. So today I'll be cleaning and rearranging and organizing in hopes that Spring will soon be upon us. Thanks for reading, take care.