Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Easter's coming

If you follow me on Twitter @Momme2Five you may have seen me post about these awesome felt Easter baskets I found at Aldi. If you know me personally you know I love to shop and I always try to shop around for the best quality item for our dollar. I've seen other baskets as high as 7 dollars each, which I guess is an alright price for someone with less children or a longer Easter basket budget. Honestly these baskets were the best quality I'd seen and they were only a dollar eighty nine. I couldn't MAKE these baskets for a buck 89. 

It's been a tradition for me since I've had children to make their Easter baskets; the way my Granma made ours for years and years. I think I was still getting a homemade Easter basket from her well into my college years. So the tradition lives on. It's fun! It's healthier than those store bought ones packed with dyed candies and sugar coated high fructose corn syrup.'s just what I do. So what are some of your Easter traditions? Please share in the comments section. Thank you...