Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Green Smoothie Challenge

My aunt recently invited me to try a 30 day Green smoothie challenge. We'd been talking about juicing, smoothies and overall just trying harder to eat and live well so I was so excited to start. 

To prep I simply added a few extras to our usual weekly grocery list. I wouldn't want to pulverize all of our green veggies into smoothies. Then what would the kids have to go with their pizza. 

I washed, cut and sorted out a few days of fruit and veggies for the smoothies. There are a ton of recipes out there and each combination contributes to our mental and physical health in various ways. To keep it simple I'm starting with fresh spinach, fresh cubed pear, 1/4 water and two ice cubes. 

We have a Ninja mixing system but any blender will do. Just be sure to cut and core your veggies according to your systems capabilities. Before we got this  one I worked the crap out of a Rival. 

This combination is said to give energy, help detoxify as well as aid digestion and manage weight. I'm getting everyone on board. Hubby likes the spinach and pear too. I think it's a great 'gateway' smoothie. Wait till he gets a load of the Kale and Swish Chard :) * blends.
 >insert awkward wicked laugh< 

The kids have always loved smoothies. But they like the berry banana yogurty yummy ones. As do I. It's the "green" smoothies that are a hard sell. Apparently they all love this apple and carrot combination. 

I'm hoping to continue my green smoothies beyond the thirty days; you know they say once you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit. Well....Cheers to day one!