Monday, April 20, 2015

Diapers, diapers, diapers

While I was pregnant I seriously considered cloth diapering. I know...
It sounded amazing. First, I got excited about the idea of all natural cotton against my baby's skin and how less chemicals meant less incidence of eczema,  which my kiddos all have had at one time or another.
Then there was the cloth diaper gang...
"You'll save a ton of money" they said. Yeah, eventually. First you'll fork out a few hundred for your adorably addictive practice to begin with.
"Don't contribute to the billions of diapers in our landfills...yada, yada, ya.  I'm here for helping the environment, I'm in tune with Mother Nature.  I'd like to think we live a green lifestyle, okay pale yellow but the point is... we try. 
I researched a lot and invested a little. Finally settling on whats called the prefolds and cover method. Until the reality of life and laundry for a family o eight drop kicked me back to my senses. So we're using disposables...for now. 

Check out Honest brand diapers if you're interesred in real, natural and pronouncable  ingredients against your little ones skin.

The Honest Company;