Monday, December 9, 2013

Märshmellow Mom

It's official. I am that mom.
The mom whose kids (the two youngest) run all over her. 
I'm the marshmellow mom. 
I didn't realize it until today.
Today, when I found my twin, my twin marshmellow mom.
I pointed her out right away. Smiling hello,
trying to not to laugh out loud
and then I felt like a mime looking in a mirror.
My kids got started.
I couldn't speak, our every action was identical.
The need to establish structure, the soft and sweet reminders to behave
followed by the frazzled laugh and the nervous empty threat.
All classic marshmellow mom behavior. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
I try to be stern and structured and they rebel.
What happened to me?
Or have I always been this way?
The three oldest don't give me this trouble.
Or did they?
The gruesome twosome.
Our two I mean our one year and 347 days old son
and our four year old daughter.
Their behavior is a bit notorious in our family.
They laugh in the face of time outs and quiet corners.
Snack time brings out their inner Viking.
What's a mom to do?...they're so darn cute.