Saturday, December 14, 2013

Oh Christmas tree...

Our Christmas tree
 thus far..

..we still haven't dug the ornaments out the garage.
We kinda like it like this this year.
If we fish them out, I'll repost.
I'm planning some Christmas Eve crafts and we may make some ornaments then.
I found a bunch of super cute crafts on Pinterest---> follow me.
If you read my winter ramblings post you know I also put a small tree upstairs this year.
It was in the hall but BabyGirl lost her night lights...
and it turns out, Christmas trees make great night lights.
Now all the kids want a tree in their room.
I'm going to hunt for some small ones during after Christmas clearance sales.

There's that Marshmellow Mom behavior again, lol.
Well, Happy Saturday everyone. Please feel free to comment or subscribe to our blog.