Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Prepare to Travel

While in one of my Mommy forums it dawned on me that we will be taking our first road trip with ALL five kids this Spring. I'm not too nervous because we did fly to Florida last summer with the fab five...and well that's like a few road trips rolled in one because we had connecting flights and short layovers both ways.

Read a bit about our Disney Vacation here:

However, this trip is going to be a little different because obviously a car ride is not as exciting as being in a busy airport and flying on a plane which kind of captivates the kids and distracts them from the dreaded "are we there yets". We were sure to pack a snack carry on and the kids brought activities and electronics but there is still something different about flying with kids. I've gone on 40minute trips to the store and had more trouble than in those seven hours of Magical travel. 

So here are MY tips for traveling with kids:
  • food/fuel (everyone is calmer on a full tummy)
  • water or sports drinks (stay hydrated; a vacay is no fun when you are exhausted and dry)
  • activities (electronics are great but a variety is better)
  • crayolas, crafts, puzzles, things they won't bore with too quickly and things that are new or put on reserve for the trip
  • snacks (weather happens, layovers turn to stay overs)
  • first aid kit (toiletries, bandages, barf bags, Neosporin, nausea tablets, Tylenol)
  • changes of clothes for little ones and a clean top for the bigger ones
 Although most of us are ├╝ber organized and know what we'll need for every hour of a vacation, it's always nice to be prepared in case someone in your travel party has an unexpected need.

Other things I like to consider when traveling with the kids are:
  • childcare (obviously what the hotel attractions are is an important factor but also find out what the options are for childcare (you'd be surprised how many couples take date nights on the road) or b.y.o.-babysitter)
  • kitchenette and grocery delivery in the area
  • stroller and carseat rentals available
  • area coupon savings booklets
Above all I think timing is everything when traveling with kiddos. All the snacks and games in the world won't save you from a cranky, tired restless toddler stuck on a me! So be sure to travel after a day of rest or light activity and above all...Bring your Patience.

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