Monday, January 6, 2014

What we've been eating...

I'd like to start this post by saying stressing how against dieting I am or have been. This is mainly because I've seen people jump on every fad diet (especially this time of year) and next thing you know (February) they're right back at the deep fried pork n cheese place and the diet is down the drain.
Personally, I believe diets are overused and misunderstood. A diet should be used to help you obtain a healthier eating lifestyle and weight. A diet should not be used as an on again off again help me fit in my size too small pants quick fix. It's unhealthy. But enough of my personal beliefs, they are mine and I will not force them on you.
So, instead of a blog post about the best diet around this post is about what we've been eating, plain and simple. We are on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle that is not devoid of taste and goodness. If you read any of my previous food posts.
I'll link a couple here--->
 ...then you know we've been on this road to eating better for a little while now.
One of our family favorites are tacos, nachos and tostadas. We're making them healthier by choosing whole grain tortillas. We've tried a couple of different ones in the past but the softest and freshest we found are from Trader Joes, they're the Truly Handmade whole wheat flour ones.

Here is our version of the Chicken Wrap or Chicken Twister with boneless skinless chicken breast and Romaine lettuce.
Other ways to make them a bit healthier are to choose the leanest meat such as ground turkey. If you're like us and need to buy another meat or something in bulk try the leanest ground beef or venison you can find (93/7)  and drain it well. Add
the greenest lettuce you can find (we recommend green leaf or spinach), lots of tomato or organic salsa.
Here hubby enjoys ground turkey atop spinach as a healthy lunch alternative.

Even the kids are getting in on the good eating, I mean eating well. Here a whole wheat tortilla is used as pizza dough for this healthy dessert pizza. Sunflower seed butter, banana slices and organic honey are put in the oven for five minutes and mmmmmmm, it's so GOOD.
AS a self proclaimed Marshmellow Mom I never want to deny my children or put them on a strict diet(unless medically necessary). So when they ask for their favorite dinner of spaghetti and meatballs or cheese burgers, I make it. I use whole grain pasta and bread and add a side salad or carrots and broccoli instead of fries. The point is we are making steps. We started with the whole grains, then minimized our sugars and artificial snacks and substituted for fruit and fresh homemade treats and now...well now, I guess we try to get greener. We try to have more of this and less of that other stuff we eat. So,....what 'cha eating? 😊