Thursday, December 5, 2013

winter ramblings

I'm think I'm running out of topics to blog about. Nothing too exciting going on. If you read our last post you may have picked up on it. It's gotten cold outside.

DivaDaughter and I were able to put a few Christmas decorations up outside before the temperature dropped. We also pulled the little pink tree out of storage and strung a string of blue lights around it for the upstairs. I picked up the Sunday paper(on a weekday, for a dollar) and it looks like Menard's has their live ones on sale for 15$. We got a White Pine, it's green needles were softer than the others. I'll post a picture this weekend once we get it together.

Hopefully 'the little kids' let the tree be. My roses are doing well this week. I simply gave in and let BabyGirl have ONE. I explained that the others are for Momme and she is not to bother them. We've got a few Poinsettia plants, one from my beautiful friend K. She's such a doll, with a husband five kids of her own and still time and energy to think of me. My loving hubby also brought me a beautiful Amaryllis. Thank you honey, I love my hubby. If you couldn't tell, I love plants and flowers too! I wish I would have started a picture diary because the Amaryllis is about to bloom.
A picture journal...that would be a great start to a science project. Hmmm? My wheels are already turning for the school science fair this Spring. We'll see what the kids think. Knowing them, it'll most likely be something on animals and/or some type of chemistry. Anyhow, enough mind wandering and rambling...I've got laundry to fold.

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