Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A busy, busy time addition to our regular scheduled busy-ness we've also had a fourth grade concert, a dental emergency, four a.m. nosebleeds from you know where (hint: it rhymes with bell) and a very cranky Kindergartner (see next post). Regardless, I thought it was about time I did this post...
Things We Do in OT (part 1)
If you know me then you know my motto:
"Progress is a Process".
It has been over a year now since our journey
to wellness began.
Its been about 8 weeks since our occupational therapy began.
I say "our" because I feel like "we" meaning my husband and I
are learning just as much as our daughter about how to best help
her and accommodate her so that she has less stress, anxiety and can
focus her attention on being the happiest, healthiest child she can be.
Anyhow, the first thing we learned in OT, is how much weight and
deep pressure can relax her.
Swinging, deep pressure activities and weighted blankets and toys are
our friends. Weighted stuffed animals are our favorites.
Having one on her lap during table time allows her to calm and sit a
few minutes so we can work on pre-school things.
 I'm adamant about trying every avenue other than medicating our child.
I just cannot drug my child in order to conform to the mainstream.
And I'm not judging! I can only speak for me and mine.
I've had many moms ask how OT has helped versus medicating.
 Many moms assume its all finger paints and finger plays but its not.
 In just a few short weeks we began to really see a difference and
we've picked up some ideas for at home along the way. So here it is...
  •         core exercises such as yoga
  •         hand eye coordination exercises
  •         body sox (increase body awareness, balance, coordination and its quite therapeutic)

  •  there are finger painting, finger play days (this helps with fine motor and handwriting)    

  • our favorite sensory integration that we do at home (other than painting and water play) is foam
  • another favorite are the awesome swings that provide deep pressure and relax
  • the ball pit
  • round scooter to strengthen her arms
(it took a few visits but I was so proud when she finally tried)
Here she is on it with Wontee.
  •  deep pressure roller this is good for body awareness, her joints  and she's building strength
as she crawls out to me
Not every visit has been easy but I'm grateful to God, my hubby and to be there with her learning, grateful she has a therapist who can take a lick and not give up or loose her cool. We've got LOTS more to do...(just watch who she becomes). I'll be back with part two after the holidays. Much love!