Thursday, November 21, 2013

this week at our house

Thank GOD it's Friday.😇
This week we had two parent teacher conferences,
Kinder and fourth grade. They went alright.
Watching my son gush and blush about his work was, interesting.👅
And then there was AC, nonchalant, somewhat shy...
puh-leaze! Neither me nor her teacher were buying it.
We both know the talkative know it all who is the real AC.👏
I'm proud of her, brain farts and all.
I had an 'ah-ha' moment about the standards
grading and my expectations.
It was a challenge to get the years of numbers and
percentage based A-F, Ace to Flunking grade system off my brain. 😌
Somehow having a Kindergartner
again helped it all make sense.
New school system, new rules, 'right'?
Or should I say 'ready' progress?
Ok, I'll admit it, that was lame. 😖
Of course not an uneventful week goes by in a family of 7.
It took some time to process to the point I felt like sharing
but my husband was the victim of an ignorant racial slur outside of
Tar-ge' the other night. 😠
He was so angry! So was I! Most of all I felt so bad.
It's hard to believe that people can be so stupid.
And just days apart our son tells us how he sometimes feels alone
and excluded at recess and...😪
I can't even talk or type about it now.
Our decision to move here has been both a blessing and a curse.
I remember how each of them struggled
their first years...
I wonder. I worry.
But why worry, when I can pray.🙏
On another note,
We're almost ready for Thanksgiving.
I've started grocery shopping.
Chopping veggies and making cornbread to freeze...
My Dad is coming out. 😊
Then we get a call.  My baby is sick...AGAIN. Fourth time this school year.
Uggh. The nurse said he spiked a fever and had chills.
SMH. Its been a rough start to school for him. 😓
Diva Daughter turns 8 Friday, or today depending on when I click the
publish link. She wants doughnuts at school, a tablet, a new doll, 80 "bucks",
dinner at Chili's and a cake at home. Ummmm, not happening! At least not this year.
We got a little more rest this week after Baby Girl let me put her to sleep
with her "magic carpet" and a book. Now, if we could just keep this up. 😫

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