Tuesday, November 19, 2013

something new in the kitchen

I love to cook....and bake.
I made my first pound cake at 9 years young.
My hubby loves to grill and smoke
and eat.
Our kids love to eat.

SMH. Seems like they rarely stop eating.
So, I try to introduce a healthy variety of food.
Eating veggies is rarely an issue at our table.
Now meat? Thats another post.
I guess we have a budding vegetarian in the family.

We like to try new things...
PacMan learned to use chopsticks at 4.
We are kinda becoming a family of foodies.
We love trying new dishes and gadgets
With all this being said...
why am I just now getting a griddle.
I love this thing.
I feel like, I have found the kitchen tool that will
forever change the way I cook.
Our next stove has to have a built in griddle.
I grill chicken breasts,
cheeseburgers (hubbys favorite lunch/late night snack)....
that I 'sometimes' enjoy making for him.
This one item has made my life so much easier.
Pancakes, pssst. No problem, eight at a time.
Sausage, sure honey...coming right up.
I mean have you ever tried to make grilled cheese
sandwiches for seven people in a round skillet?
Talk about a short order circus.
Anyhow, I'm thankful :)
for the latest addition
to our kitchen gadget collection.
So...readers, talk to me...
what kitchen tool or gadget are you
reaching for most often?