Sunday, November 10, 2013

K5 Update

We are a couple weeks into our review of K5 Learning and my second and fourth graders really love it.

The first week we took our time exploring what was on the site and they took assessments.
After their assessments were scored I was able to log in and view their score reports. I was happy to see that their scores were on par with their abilities with them scoring well above grade level in their favorite subjects and on level in those that they usually need more practice in. 

The second week they worked on  a number of exercises choosing from Reading, Math and Spelling.

During the second week my Kindergartener and I began exploring the site but he shows little interest at this point. He still prefers more animated programs like abcmouse and starfall.

Our thoughts so far: The kids love that they have their own log in names and passwords. I love that I can log in anytime to view assessment results, program progress and even choose assignments and grade levels for each student.

I'm excited to see what the upcoming week will have in store as well as see if the K5 has any impact on their first trimester grades.