Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Confessions from a fourth grade party crasher:

I did it.

I crashed my fourth graders Halloween party.


I'm that kind of mom;

plus this year she went from cutesy cute costume to...
tween girly costume and I felt some type of way.


What did I find? Sugar, sugar and more sugar?
What did I expect? It's Halloween.

I guess I didn't expect our little lady to be
spinning in a huge ice cream Sundae
topped with every candy on the bar;
gum balls, gummy worms...
you name it, it was on her Sundae .

As I stood there listening to her and her friend
go on and on about how cool the party was
and how there were games and some sort of eating contest
I looked around and PANIC (in my head)
all of a sudden my mother of a mind went
from a sugared up fourth grade class party
to a liquored up frat party

and I did not like that.

It was all too much.

What next?
(fifth grade that's what)

So, I reminded her to use her napkin
 and told her I'd be waiting in the parent pick up lane
(and don't forget your jacket)

As I sat seriously contemplating a return to private school
I wondered.

When did I become this mom?
This, buttoned up?
This...strict,stick in the *** mom?

Are you laughing?
Because I'm serious.

No really.
It took me all of thirty minutes to cool my head.

I'm kidding,(I think). 
I'm not so bad(outside my mind).

Just cautious, ever careful...
a little overprotective but that's okay.
Later we talked about the party, in pieces.

I realized I was overreacting (in my mind) :) Hi Wendy)
and that it REALLY was...just a fourth grade party

and then I prayed...that with HIS guidance, she turns out better than alright because this Mom thing, so serious.