Sunday, October 13, 2013

ALL about the Bandz!

My daughter and her friends have all been going bananas over this rubber band bracelet craze.
Now you and I may know where the OriGinal rubber band bracelets came from...
no, not those guys...smh...the postal workers. 
I remember our mail man, Bruce had about a hundred rubber bands on his arm.
I would ask him for them and make bracelets(with markers) and Chinese ropes.
Well, enough of my reminiscing.
Anyway, my daughter couldn't wait for hers to get here.
It almost didn't.
Apparently the sub mail lady left it on the wrong door step.
Thank God for honest neighbors.
There are a few different brands out there but DD had been watching
the Rainbow Loom YouTube videos so I ordered that kind.
 I'd have to say she really loves this thing.
After a few tries and a few tutorials she was making bracelets left and right.
Everyone in the house has one, well except the baby.
Even Dad has an all black bracelet with the ring to match.
The loom is easy to use and there are more than a few styles to choose from.
It comes with hundreds of colorful rubber bands to get the girls started
 as well as what looks like a tiny crochet needle and a mini-loom.
This style seems to be the favorite amongst the second grade girls,
probably because it's not too time consuming and they can make a
bunch of colors to mix, match and trade.
This is not a sponsored review and I am not affiliated with Rainbow Loom.
Just sharing our opinion and our experience for our blog.
But if you happen to make a purchase...tell her I sent you. ;)