Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blogger-sation w/ Craftsy

Hi everyone.
As you all know the Holidays are just around the corner
and I for one have always wanted my gifts to be wrapped to perfection.
I just love the way the gift wrappers in some of the higher end department stores wrap gifts.
Even if my gift is homemade or from a discount store...
 I'd like to have it LOOK like a million bucks.
Well Craftsy has a class for that!
What's Craftsy you ask? 
Craftsy is an online craft tutorial service that offers crafting lessons.
 Craftsy has a class for EVERYTHING.
 Sewing, knitting, cake decorating, crochet...
you name it they teach it.
What I love is once you download your course videos and materials...it's yours!
The classes move at your pace.
My first course with Craftsy will be the Paper Arts course
with master gift wrapper Alton DuLaney.
 This course is 9.99 on their website.


If your interested please join Craftsy and me in the Paper Arts course conversation or
Blogger-sation from 6pm-8pm CST Tuesday, November5th.