Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Momme's Christmas Wishlist c/o Zulily

Zulily has asked that I put together a Christmas wishlist.
As a mom we tend to make sure everyone else is covered and forget about ourselves at Christmas time(at least I do) so this blog post is especially exciting for me.
The first thing on my 'Momme's Christmas Wishlist' is...
this 'Deluxe Desktop Sewing Machine' for 39.99.  
I'm not trying to make a wardrobe or anything but I'd like to have a machine just enough to sew a hem, make a few fun projects or stitch my kids favorite things back know.?
Anyway, I thought this machine was just the right speed, size and pricepoint for me. 
The next item on my wishlist is this sewing tote to store the
 machine in and keep it free from dust bunnies and kid fingers.
 I know I'm not the only one obsessed with bedding.
I think nice bedding has the ability to change our mood and
it gives our decor a different vibe.
 Thats why my next wishlist is this fabulous 'Tribal Garden' duvet cover.
The teal, the purple, the pattern. I'm in love.
Another thing about me...I'm always planning.
And packing things away for later.
That's why the next item on my wishlist is this beautiful
necklace from Zad.
I probably won't wear it for another six months but how beautiful would this necklace be with a flowing maxi dress next summer.
(on sale 16.99).
The last, but certainly not least
item on my wishlist...
you can not go wrong with a nice pair of shoes,
in this case boots.
These stylish and and sensible beauties are Aerosoles and they retail for 49.99 on

(If you like anything on my wishlist hurry up and grab it the picture takes you right to it.)