Sunday, October 20, 2013

Autumn Activities

I love Autumn, Fall. What ever you might call it...
I love it.
Doesn't that name just sound like something nice(say it)...Autumn.
Living in the Midwest we get to experience all four seasons to the fullest and
Autumn has become one of, if not my very favorite season.
So...I thought I'd share our favorite Autumn activities or Fall festivities(for the Fall folks)...
1. taking walks
We don't just take walks, we take rolls.
Family rolls...
 Each member of our family gears up by bike, trike, stroller or skates and we roll...out.
I love it.
I love being able to walk once the 100 and 90 degree heat days are gone and the air is breathable again.
2. more home cooking & soul food
During the warm summer months I take a break from a lot of cooking and baking things in the oven.
Hubby loves to grill and since he has gotten his outdoor smoker
 we've been putting them both to good use.
 Besides, when the kids are home and keeping me uber busy during those warm summer months
I'd much rather whip up something easy like a burger and salad than turn on the oven every day.
Ohhhh...but come Fall, our taste buds start shouting for soulful dishes like baked mac n cheese, lasagna, dressing, pound cakes and of course homemade apple pies.

Which brings me to number...
3. going to the apple orchards
I can smell and taste the cider now.
And those doughnuts tho..
We love visiting the apple orchards,
 whether it's a pick your own or not we love to get the fresh and hopefully organic
apples by the bushel.
Our favorite are the Honey Crisp and Golden Delicious.
We bring them home cut, slice, eat, peel, next can.
I'd love to learn how to make my own apple jelly or preserves.
In due time.  
4. Pumpkin patches,
'nuff said.
I mean how much fun for a kid to pick a pumpkin and then all the fun that comes thereafter.
Pumpkin pie(possibly), carving or creating something cool and of course pumpkin seeds.

I know, I has been in since summer.
 However, there once was a time when the school year began in the Fall.
Now it seems it starts earlier and earlier and some schools are even year-round.
But I still remember and still feel like the true start of the school year
is when the days are cooler and shorter.

When all the kids, parents and teachers
are busy Monday through Friday with nothing more than school, school work
and more school and school work.
I'm sure in the years to come the start of the school sporting season
will be added to the list but for now..
My children know that not many activities will be approved after summer break.

Right now, we are focusing on establishing that foundation...
a foundation rooted in the importance of education.
 They attend school and then attend HOME SCHOOL.
No, I'm not too tough at least I'm careful not to be.
We have a lot of fun in home school.
Learning about topics that interest them, topics talked about in school and
if we can a few additional topics I feel they need to study.
We even have art in home school.

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