Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Coming to America is one of me and hubby's all time favorite movies.
We quote lines from it all the time
 and it makes for super funny inside jokes
 because our kids haven't seen it yet.
Well anyway, we went to the grocery store this past Saturday
and our baby daughter brought me over a half dozen of roses.
 It was so sweet the way she said, "These flowers are for you Momme".
 I swear I blushed all the way through check out.
The way I react you would think this didn't happen every time
 we're in this particular grocery store together,
 but it does.
A different kid each time, I think my husband puts them up to it.
 Long story short------> we get home,
I put them in a vase and on my dresser.
That was day one.

Sunday comes and I'm feeling like a million bucks.
 If you couldn't tell by now, I love flowers.
The roses have given me life and I clean and organize the bedroom.
 Feeling beautiful I even venture and work on our closet...
*clears throat* a little.
My, my what roses will do to a girls mood.
All of a sudden baby girl takes four of the roses and snaps them to about a quarter of a stem is left.
*insert record slow scratch here*
Hey baby girl, I thought these were Momme's roses. Why did you break them?
That wasn't very nice. etc. etc. she says to me, "Riyah want roses."
 Okay, no problem but next time ask Momme, alright. I fill a sugar bowl with water and put the broken roses on the kitchen counter, CUTE.
That was day two, Sunday.

Monday comes and goes.
Older kids are off to school, we go about our routine.
Sometime in between homework with the school age kids and dinner
she and baby brother decided to have a sword fight
with the two longer stems left on the dresser.
That was day three.
*Remind me next week not to put the roses on the dresser. SMH.

Day four was much to long for flowers to survive
within kid reach, so by the time
I got home from volunteering at the school (quarter to NOON)
 the four quarter inch flowers from the sugar bowl
 were paving the way for me
 from the garage to the master bedroom and from our room to her room.
Awwww, thanks (...I think).
What a warm welcome home (and a lot of picking up..ha,ha :-/).
I felt like Prince Akeem (for a second). LOL.

I tried. I really did. I wanted to let the roses stay on the floor for a full day, just because.
I didn't. I couldn't.
Once they started to wilt the beauty was gone and I cleaned them up.
Down stairs that is.
Her room, still Zamunda.