Thursday, October 10, 2013

the mouths of babes...

Are my kids the only ones who are
smart, sweet, and just a little obnoxious? 
Does your child say things like "Are you kidding me?"
Or what about "No Thanks, that's yucky".
Has your child ever answered you with a
and you could hardly react because
you half way wanted to laugh and halfway wanted to...
go old school and tell 'em to get a switch. 
I mean they cut up.
I thought I was silly as a kid.
I had nothing on them, they have their own language,
secret meanings to words and it's intelligent humor too...
No more knock, knock jokes.
Where in world do they get this twisted sense of humor
 and what's with all this sarcasm?
Even my toddler gets in on the shenanigans
he runs from sit down time, bath time, bed time
and pretty much anything structured
(terrible twos too soon)
with a loud "AHHHH!"
or a "HELLLLP!"
as if A. I'm not his mother and
 B. he won't be running
behind me in five minutes with his arms raised
 begging me to "pick up"
I mean this kid is the real deal.
He unlocks a smart phone, tablet or computer
and chooses his apps and games better than some adults.
He counts like a preschooler, sings the alphabet loud and proud
I even tried teaching him the
American Sign Language alphabet.
that didn't last long
every time I showed him the letter "A"

he said "B" and gave me a fist bump.

He is just too much!