Thursday, October 3, 2013

No idea about Kindergarten.

Our five year old son started Kindergarten this year. Oh-M-Gee was he excited! See, his sisters had both been in school a couple of years but when we state, new laws. Early Childhood education is quite expensive here and well, I am an educator so...DS(Dear Son...for those new to the blog-age) stayed home with me for Pre-school and Pre-K.

He was sooooo excited his first week or so. He came home everyday talking in his OUTSIDE voice about how many recesses he had, what lunchtime was like, his desk, his back pack, his teacher, his friend...on and on and on. He sits at the green table and his best friend is SIX YEARS old (a big deal apparently). He has a music teacher named Mrs. Sunny and she either smells, or sings, or both...really GOOD (*it's really well son---told you I'm an educator). Oh, the tales he did tell that first week.

Week two point five. A different story. He comes home talking softly. He pulls off his shoes and socks in the middle of the living room floor. *Sigh* He's so tired. He just wants a snack and "where's the remote?". By the way he says, Coby and Ryah (little brother and sister) have no idea what Kindergarten is all about". Oh really?---

"What is Kindergarten all about?"

"WELL, we have to have morning meeting, and then daily five, then we go to the carpet and then back to our table groups and we have to do writing and then line up and there's no talking in line...not even to your best friend, not even in a whisper".

"Yeah, they have no idea son". I laugh to myself.